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The iron on patch that provides access to g-tubes without damage to clothing!

Until now, there has not been a simple solution for dressing a child with a feeding tube. Finding shirts for small children and babies that do not tuck in or snap at the bottom is a real dilemma.

Access to a feeding tube becomes a problem if your wardrobe consists of snap bottom shirts and undershirts. Logan’s G-tube Accessories would like to share their clothing solution with you.

Keep your snap bottom shirts and undershirts! Keep your child’s pre-surgery wardrobe, and simply modify it for their g-tube in a neat and attractive way.

It is time for a clothing solution that is fast, easy and will work for anyone who owns an iron.

It is time for Tummy TunnelsTM

How do they work?

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Katharine and Findley Blair

Since Fin's little tummy is covered in hardware (her ostomy bag, the tube and the inevitable bandage over some healing granular tissue) it is important for us to keep her little hands away from it. A diaper shirt or sleeper had always worked before the tube and Tummy Tunnels have given us the ability to keep wearing them. "