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Our Story

When our baby had his g-tube placed in his tummy, it was an emotionally challenging time for our family.

Thankfully he was finally able to eat! However, a very real clothing issue remained. How would we dress him?

I was sad to think his cute blue and white striped outfit would never be worn again. How would I dress him in his snap bottom clothes and still be able to feed him? What about his pajamas? At 10 months old – shirts without snaps or two piece pj’s were almost impossible to find in his size!

With the serious health issues we had faced in his 10 months of life I couldn’t help being sad that this one, seemingly trivial part of our lives was affected as well. Couldn’t we have one normal thing going for us? After all, I was a mom, I wanted my baby to be dressed nicely. I didn’t want him to wear cut up clothing. Besides how could I cut holes in clothes I had just paid for?

Knowing I was not the only parent faced with this dilemma, I was determined to find a better way. There had to be a solution for this clothing issue.

We knew we needed a fast, cute, and more affordable solution than a new wardrobe. And so Tummy Tunnels was born.


A fantastic idea I have to say! Our son Cam freezes every winter because the only fleece suits we can get to go over his pjs complete with feet all zip up. This means we can only zip them up half way leaving a gap where his pjs are untucked for access to his mic-key. "