How it works


  • For best results, prior to application, wash clothing once without fabric softener in the washer or dryer.
  • Iron the front of the patch then turn the clothing inside out and iron on the back side of the patch. 
  • Thicker clothing may need a little more time and pressure with your iron.

Since Fin’s little tummy is covered in hardware (her ostomy bag, the tube and the inevitable bandage over some healing granular tissue) it is important for us to keep her little hands away from it. A diaper shirt or sleeper had always worked before the tube and Tummy Tunnels have given us the ability to keep wearing them.

Katharine and Findley Blair

It made me so frustrated to see mostly things that would not work with her G tube. Then I found Tummy tunnels! So many things that were packed up and ready to be donated are now being worn by her! I can shop for her and buy something I really love knowing that I can use Tummy Tunnels to make it work for her! I really wish I had found out about Tummy tunnels sooner! It isn’t easy dealing with a tube fed infant, but Tummy Tunnels has made getting dressed a lot easier at least!

Barbara Ann Garrard

Your Tummy Tunnels are such a wonderful item. We also were having issues with the clothing thing… Tummy Tunnels is our solution.

Shane and Stephanie Olivarez